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What is Physie?

Physical Culture (or Physie for short) is an inspiring dance sport for girls and women of all ages.


 Held in dance studios across the country, Physie is a perfect blend of Dance and Fitness.  A unique dance style incorporating movements from Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Yoga and Pilates. Professionally choreographed dance routines increase core strength, coordination, fitness and flexibility.  EP Physie girls show strength, poise and elegance simultaneously.  

MVP Physie is run by dedicated teachers who are passionate about nurturing a students total wellbeing, in both mind and body.  By focusing on developing the self-esteem of students and teaching them to have a positive relationship with their bodies, we help students blossom with confidence and self-assurance. MVP pride themselves on running a club where every member is supported, accepted and encouraged to be the best they can be.

Generations of Australian women from different backgrounds and of all abilities, love being a 'Physie girl'. Through childhood, study, having children and grandchildren, girls and ladies of all ages value and return to the fitness, friendships and fun that Physie brings. 

There is a saying among our Physie family "once a Physie girl, always a Physie girl". 

Join us today!

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