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Our EP Petites preschool program is a fun, exciting dance and Physie curriculum loved by children and parents alike!

The atmosphere of each class is wonderfully supportive and creative where children are transported into a world of wonder, magic and make believe. The EP Petites preschool program is magical for a multitude of reasons:

  • Each class is delivered with the perfect mix of dance, Physie and fun – the perfect introduction to Physie for every little boy or girl.

  • The genuine kindness and consideration shown by EP Physie teachers to each of the boys and girls, whatever their level and ability is wonderful; adapting the dance program to fit each child’s needs.

  • Not only does EP Petites teach confidence, coordination and fun dance moves, it teaches them patience and the importance of caring and sharing whilst capturing their imaginations.

  • EP Petites classes are suitable for boys and girls. Classes are non-competitive and taught in a professional, relaxed and welcoming environment so everybody feels at ease and can have lots of fun.

What Can I expect in an EP Petites Class?

  • Introducing creative and educational group tasks for literacy and numeracy

  • Enjoy passive stretching, learning body parts, introducing rhythm through clapping and beating to music 

  • Develop gross motor skills i.e. skipping, galloping, jumping and using props

  • So much fun in a loving and nurturing environment​

  • Working towards our FUN annual concert at the end of the year

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