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How much do lessons cost at Mulgoa Valley Physie?

Lessons are charged at $12 per week and paid on an annual or term basis, spread equally across 3 terms. MVP offers flexibility and options around payment for all members. You can choose to attend 1 or 2 classes for the same weekly price. Fees are paid for terms 1, 2 & 3 only.  Classes in Term 4 are for competition girls only and are covered by MVP.


Can I try before committing to join?

Absolutely! MVP offers up to 2 free lessons for all new members. There is no commitment to join, however there is a registration cut off date.


What do I wear to Class?

Juniors: There is no prescribed uniform for regular classes however, members are encouraged to wear their MVP club gear.

Seniors & Ladies: Seniors and Ladies can wear leggings and a fitted t-shirt or activewear top to class and bare feet or ballets.


What do I wear for competitions?

EP has a strict set of rules when it comes to competitions that MVP expects all members to adhere to. All competitors are required to wear a leotard and skirt. Any colour soft split sole ballet is allowed. Fake tan and make-up is banned for girls under 13. Hair is to be kept simple, stylish and feminine. When not competing, members and club supporters are strongly encouraged to wear their MVP Club uniform to all official competition events.



Are competitions mandatory?

Not at all, the competitions are completely optional, though they are a great way to build confidence and meet other Physie girls from all over NSW. It’s a wonderful experience designed to encourage girls to become comfortable performing in a safe, positive environment.


How do I know what age group I am in?

For all Juniors, ages are calculated as per your age on our census date of 1 September each year. Ladies and Seniors are a little different.

JUNIORS - Girls compete according to age

3-4 Years 

5-16 Years



Novice Seniors - 17 years and above who are new to Physie

1st Year Intermediate Seniors  - 17-18 years, 

2nd Year Intermediate Seniors - 19-20 years 

Open Seniors - 21 years + 


Extended Ladies - 18 years 

Elementary Ladies - Novice members 18 years +

1st Year Ladies - 21 years + after competing as an Elementary Lady

2nd Year Ladies - 21 years + after competing as a 1st Year Lady

Advanced Ladies - 18 years +

What types of competitions are there?

There are two types of competitions.  Teams and Individual (Champion Girl).


Individual competitions are held in many forms - Interclubs, Heats, State Finals, the Grand Final held at Sydney Town Hall on the last Sunday in November, and our own fun Club day.  Girls and Ladies are allowed to pick their own leotard and skirt.  They are also allowed to add "bling" to their leotard.


Every girl and lady receives a medal at all Champion Girl Competitions.

Team competitions consist of 6 girls/ladies who must complete their syllabus in a formation.  A team aims for complete synchronization of all it's members. 

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